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This Is A Short Review Of “Gemini Man”

How would it be to see Will Smith wages war with the younger version of himself? Find the answer in the movie Gemini Man. From the work of director Ang Lee (Life of Pi), this film tells the story of a senior hitman targeted by a mysterious figure. A retired mercenary, Henry Brogan (Will Smith) cannot live peacefully in his old age. Someone sent a hitman who is very similar to him. Starting from strength, skill, to physical appearance similar to Brogan. However, the difference is that the clone with the character Junior’s name appears with a younger face. If you want to watch this movie, you can visit the 123 movies website.

There is no reason why Brogan wants to be finished by Junior. However, various exciting battles begin here. Being an experienced veteran doesn’t mean you can win everything. Brogan is actually limping while he is avoiding Junior. His every move is always anticipated by Junior successfully. In fact, Junior’s ability to control weapons was almost perfect, just like Brogan. Then, who is this Junior figure? Was Brogan successful against a young boy named Junior who kept chasing him? Who is the mastermind behind all this? Does Brogan have a big sin in the past? Everything will be answered in the film Gemini Man.

The Gemini Man film presents sci-fi preparations plus a raw action that will make you curious. Actor Will Smith has to face his younger self, even though he is old, he has managed to look excellent in every action scene. The audience was invited to guess what kind of plot in this film. Unfortunately, the provision of sci-fi stories does not really balance with Will Smith’s acting. The storyline is quite long-winded, and it’s not straight to the point so that some of the plots placed in this film look crazy.

However, if you are curious about action scenes or raw scenes in the early part of this movie, you will be truly entertained with fierce scenes when Brogan and Junior are trying to kill each other. Even so, there were some extreme scenes that made the audience awake. The combination of director Ang Lee, experienced producer Jerry Bruckheimer and experienced actors such as Clive Owen, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and Benedict Wong have not been able to save the film.

The most striking thing in the film Gemini Man is certainly the visual effect on Will Smith’s face. It must be admitted that CGI visuals in this film are good, they are using the sophistication of “De-Aging” and this is the advantage of the Gemini Man film. The effect of using a younger face on the figure of Will Smith is able to present a visualization that really convinces the audience that the actor who is becoming young is actually displayed.


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